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Whats the first image you think of when you hear "pressure washing"? It is probably something along the lines of a very high pressure stream of water being blasted onto your home to forcefully remove the dirt, algae and mold from your siding. This was the industry standard for many years. Today, pressure washing is typically not the best option to clean your homes exterior. High pressure nozzles leave inconsistent results and can cause costly damage to your homes siding. Make no mistake, high pressure still has it place. Its the ideal method for Surface Cleaning. But when cleaning the siding on your home, Low Pressure House Washing, sometimes also referred to as Soft Washing, is the ideal method of choice. This method utilizes specialized equipment that operates at a very low pressure, typically around 150 PSI, to apply custom mixed detergents and soaps to the outside of your home. These detergents and soaps are the workhorse and eliminate the need for high pressure water flow. After a few minutes, the detergents will kill and remove the unsightly blemishes from your home as well as the spores that promote their regrowth. The home is then rinsed with clean water using a high volume machine. This will result in a much cleaner home where the results will last much longer than those of conventional high pressure cleaning. Watch the video below to see how its done!

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