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Sometimes, the low pressure method just wont cut it, particularly on your driveways, sidewalks and other masonry surfaces. For these types of cleaning scenarios, we refer back to the old fashioned high pressure method while throwing in some modern methodology. We pre-treat all surfaces with a cleaning agent to lift the dirt and grime from the surface. This method, combined with 5.5 gallon per minute pressure washing machines and 20" surface cleaners, the results we can achieve our second to none. Even on masonry surfaces, the proper technique is required to achieve the desired results without damaging your property. These elements and practices are what truly separate an amateur from a professional power washing company. From your driveway to your sidewalks and patios, we can easily and efficiently remove years of dirt and grime from your masonry surfaces and really bring them back to life. You will never enjoy walking outside like you will with clean surfaces! Contact us today for a free quote on your cleaning project!